Energy Working Group

Mission – To foster a productive and inclusive community dialogue on local energy issues and to support the Town Council in working to ensure the most benefit and least chance of harm from energy development in Hamilton.Who we are – The Town Council has appointed an Energy Working Group to research and advise the town council on energy issues. The Energy Working Group may make recommendations based on their research, but only the Town Council makes policy. Composed of diverse community members with a variety of expertise, affiliations and property ownership, the group includes Elaine Hughes, Harvey Kliman, Greg Owens, Jody Palmer, Rich Pancoe, and Mike Welshko. Town Council members Peter Darby and Chris Rossi are participants, serve as the contacts for the Energy Working Group, and facilitate the meetings.

What we do – The group meets at least once a month to research, report, and advise the Town Council on local and state energy development issues. The focus of current meetings is on possible HVHF gas development in the Hamilton area and the need to work on protections for the town’s infrastructure and citizens. Although there is uncertainty as to the extent of home rule possibilities, the group continues to discuss and study actions that are within the legal rights of the town such as local zoning and road use protections. Wind development is also a topic of discussion, with the same goals in mind.

Our community – The Town Council will keep the Hamilton Community updated on this work through the press, this website, and public meetings. Hamilton residents can share their thoughts and concerns on local energy matters with the Town Council through the town office, via email, or in person at Town Council meetings. We appreciate the willingness of the Energy Working Group to help the Town Council, and the support of the community, in working together on this issue.

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