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2019 Progress on Town Hall Building:
In the October 23, 2018 packet below, details were given on the new plan for the building. The overall Phase plan is as follows:
1) Architects hired to design only Phase 1.
2) Includes: Foundation and Shell of the building, Siding, Roof, Windows, Exterior Doors, Inner Walls built, but not finished, and Plumbing Rough-ins.
3) Timeline: 2019
1) Includes: Interior build out, doors, finishes, flooring, hardware, fixtures, electrical, mechanical and plumbing.
2) Timeline: 2019-2020


May 21, 2019

Dear Hamilton Community,

Things are finally moving along with the Town Hall project.

The Town of Hamilton opened the bids on April 5. Due to the lowest bidder withdrawing their bid, the next low bidder was awarded the contract. The awarded bid went to Richard E. Alexander Co., Inc. Their base bid for the project was $494,880. The bid additions for construction of the interior walls $23,500 and to upgrade the windows from vinyl to aluminum clad wood windows for an additional $9,000 were both accepted by the Town Board. This brings the total cost for Phase 1 of the project to $527,380.

The Town of Hamilton has secured two grants so far which will be used for Phase 1 of the project. Grants total $150,000 and were secured through former Senator Dave Valesky ($100,000) and former Assembly Member Bill Magee ($50,000). The Minority, Women Business Owner requirements that were part of the Magee Grant for will be satisfied by the contractor’s proposal which includes purchasing from a local company, Steel Sales, located in Sherburne.

To make sure that the contractors and the project are carefully overseen, the Town has hired Joe Bello (former Director of Planning, Design & Construction at Colgate) as our Project Manager. Joe comes with a lot of experience to oversee the project.

A pre-construction kick-off meeting was held on May 15, 2019 and work will begin May 21. The project timeline sets a completion date of the end of October for phase 1. Here are a few details of the timeline:

  • Mobilization (construction fence installed, etc.), Excavation for foundations and site work prep Start: May 20-June 14, 2019.
  • Footings Foundations and concrete walls: June 7–July 12, 2019.
  • Wall panel/Truss erection (small crane onsite) June 7-September 13, 2019.
  • Exterior Siding, Roofing and painting- September 9-October 11, 2019.

During the summer months of 2019, the town will be working on plans for the portions of Phase II that will be done by contractors, and for those portions to be done by Town employees so that we are prepared to continue work on the building as soon as the shell is complete.

Thank you for your patience during this process. We look forward to the completion of the project!

Eve Ann Shwartz
Town Supervisor

2018 New Proposed Town Office Building
At the November 8, 2018 Town Council Meeting, the board passed a resolution for the town hall project. 2018 Amended & Restated Bond Resolution – Notice

At the October 23, 2018 meeting, the Town Board and Building Committee unveiled the updated town hall project and background on the Committee’s work over the past year including the new cost estimate and funding. Below is the packet of information handed out as well as the floor plans. Please do not hesitate to call the Town Clerk at 315-824-3380 if you have questions or visit the town office during their open hours to see this information in person. Thank you.
Town of Hamilton-October 23 2018 PACKET
Proposed Floor Plans for Town of Hamilton Building

Town Office Building Committee 2017-2018:
The Town of Hamilton formed a committee which will be working to find lower costs for the project, focused primarily on our current building site and plan. Other possibilities will also be explored. The committee members include: Travis Dubois, Shari Taylor, Jodi Palmer, Tim Trueworthy, Roger Bauman, Mary Dinski, John Bailey, Eve Ann Shwartz, Peter Darby, Sue Reymers and Mark Miller.

The committee has been meeting since early December 2017. Progress can be found in the monthly Hamilton Notes on the ‘NEWS’ webpage by clicking here. Thank you.

Town Office Handout contains a mock-up of the South Elevation, the floor plans and the financing plan for the building. Proposed Town Office Handout
Amended Bond Resolution: 2017-Amended Bond Resolution-Final
Press Releases:
8-3-2017 Update on HamiltonTrainDepot
4-21-2017 Reconstruction Hamilton Train Depot

Above: John Taibi, author and well-known railroad expert, front, looks over the building plans with left, Jim Georges, Matt Urtz (Madison County Historian), Chuck Hall and Councilmember Peter Darby.

Above: John Taibi, author and railroad historian cutting out historic graffiti.



Above: Circa 1910 photo of both railroad stations.