New Town Office

Town Office Building Committee Updates:
The Town of Hamilton formed a committee which will be working to find lower costs for the project, focused primarily on our current building site and plan. Other possibilities will also be explored. The committee members include: Travis Dubois, Shari Taylor, Jodi Palmer, Tim Trueworthy, Roger Bauman, Mary Dinski, John Bailey, Eve Ann Shwartz, Peter Darby, Sue Reymers and Mark Miller.

The committee has been meeting since early December 2017. Progress can be found in the monthly Hamilton Notes on the ‘NEWS’ webpage by clicking here. Thank you.

Town Office Handout contains a mock-up of the South Elevation, the floor plans and the financing plan for the building. Proposed Town Office Handout
Amended Bond Resolution: 2017-Amended Bond Resolution-Final
Press Releases:
8-3-2017 Update on HamiltonTrainDepot
4-21-2017 Reconstruction Hamilton Train Depot

Above: John Taibi, author and well-known railroad expert, front, looks over the building plans with left, Jim Georges, Matt Urtz (Madison County Historian), Chuck Hall and Councilmember Peter Darby.

Above: John Taibi, author and railroad historian cutting out historic graffiti.



Above: Circa 1910 photo of both railroad stations.